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GoDomina introducing

Mistress Julia

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Mistress Julia

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Dungeon Torture

Mistress Julia is on the rampage torturing slave roger. There is no way to escape the moods of a Domme. Roger is in for a strict torture session where he is to undergo whippings, nipple torture and hot waxing, to name just a few of the ordeals.

Length: 21:45                               Cost: $ 7.95

135 julia dungeon torture

Cock Therapist (with Mistress Rulz)

Mistress Julia is looking to obtain help for her misbehaving husband who has only one goal: to wank, wank and wank again. Help is as close as Dr. Rulz, a well reputed cock therapist who knows how to deal with even the hardest cases and who will help Mistress Julia as well.

Length: 23:59                               Cost: $ 7.95

146 julia cock therapist

Caught Wanker (with Mistress Lorette)

James, a trusted slave, betrays Mistress Julia by secretely wanking. But, he is caught. The punishment is harsh, particularly when Mistress Lorette appears as well: brutal whipping, cbt and waxing. And when one of the two ladies gets tired, the other one takes over.

Length: 25:09                               Cost: $ 8.95

077 julia caught wanker

Double Fun (with Mistress Madelaine)

While it may be fun for the two mistresses, it's for sure an ordeal for the slave who has to submit to being placed into a rubber suit and bound being motionless. The ideal could be going on forever as eventually the two Mistresses decide to go elsewhere.

Length: 14:46                               Cost: $ 5.95

140 julia doublefun

Dungeon Slave (Part 1)

Mistress Julia looks for a new dungeon slave. The applicant is put through the paces like cleaning the toilet with a toothbrush, cleaning the floor, arranging the dungeon, but also subjected to active participation of dungeon activities such as being whipped for others.

Length: 25:09                               Cost: $ 7.95

julia dungeon slave 1 - 173

Dungeon Slave (Part 2)

The ordeal for the new dungeon slave continues while participating in dungeon plays. The final highlight is his involve- ment in a major bi-scene with four other slaves, all carried out under  Mistress Julia’s supervising and absolutely strict eyes.

Length: 25:09                               Cost: $ 7.95

julia dungeon slave 2-174


Arriving at Mistress Julia's dungeon, andrew is first securely fastened and whipped to remind him of his inferior status, before Mistress Julia engages in a new type of play and andrew is subjected to a stringent hogtie procedure.

Length: 14:01                               Cost: $ 5.95

julia hogtie-137

A Girl Friend’s Visit

The visit of an old girlfriend takes an unexpected turn as she more and more control of her new boyfriend. Starting off with footworship, the situation develops soon into a full submission to Mistress Julia, showing her boyfriend who blows the whistle. mistress.

Length: 20:38                               Cost: $ 7.95

julia girlfriend visit 133

Shopping Spree (with Mistress Alisha)

Is there any better way to spend the afternoon than shopping in a sex shop, trying things on and have your slave pay for it. No, there is nothing better and Mistress Julia and Mistress Alishia make full use of their situation while testing the toys right on their slave.

Length: 22:55                               Cost: $ 7.95

julia shopping spree 120 mistress julia dungeon torture mistress julia caught wanker mistress julia cock therapist mistress julia shopping spree

Macho’s Lesson (Part 1)

Mistress Alishia needs help giving her husband a lesson he will not forget. The womanizer is tricked into the capable hands of Mistress Julia, who puts through his paces to never forget - just the type of lesson Mistress Alishia was hoping for.

Length: 16:20                               Cost: $ 6.95

julia macho1 175

Macho’s Lesson (Part 2)

The lesson continues to end the un- acceptable behaviour of jim, who only interest is womanizing. Under the capable supervision and the special training jim will soon learn what happens to guys who are reigned by their prick rather than by their brains.

Length: 17:13                               Cost: $ 6.95

julia macho2 176

Trained to Sell

Mistress Julia trains a slave to be the perfect piece of human furniture. She needs to be a merciless teacher as she makes her living from selling well trained slaves. And this particular has still a lot to learn the hard way, so the whip is not far away.

Length: 21:02                               Cost: $ 7.95

julia trained to sell 078

Foot Slave

You never know what you are shopping for. When John strolled through a kinky store, a beautiful lady and her incredible shoes in particular attract his attention. It doesn't take long until john is offering his services as a foot slave and to his delight, Mistress Julia accepts.

Length: 27:26                               Cost: $ 8.95

julia footslave 136

Testing the Dungeon

Mistress Rulz pays a visit to the Manchester Dungeon and Mistress Julia offers her vistor unlmited usage of the facility including one male and one female slave. While Mistress Rulz enjoys making use of such generous offer, Mistress Julia is happy to watch.


Length: 18:14                               Cost: $ 6.95

julia testing dungeon 145

The Cockold

Mistress Julia arrives at a hotel, accompanied by her slave husband. After doing this chores, he is in for a special treatment. While being tied to the bathroom curtains, he has to watch Mistress Julia inviting and enjoying her lover.

Length: 22:12                               Cost: $ 7.95

julia cockold 076

Demoted Slave (Part 1)

Mistress Julia was to learn that her trusted slave betrayed her by trying to seduce the female slave of another domme friend. Mistress Julia decides to repay the slave by inviting the girl and to give her the chance to get even punishing him any way she wants.

Length: 15:45                               Cost: $ 6.95

julia demoted slave 1 177

Demoted Slave (Part 2)

The poor girl uses her change to get even by revenging herself and whipping the hell out of the culprit. Finally Mistress Julia demotes her slave to becoming a gimp and the gimp is finally promoted to the status of personal slave to Mistress Julia.

Length: 15:53                               Cost: $ 6.95

julia demoted slave 2 178

Basement Tragedy

Mistress Julia is really annoyed, no coffee to wake her up, an offence to be punished with OTK spanking. When even more wrongdoings happen during the day while performing routine household scores, slave frank is sent to spend the night in a cold basement cell.

Length: 20:03                               Cost: $ 7.95

julia dungeon slave 131 mistress julia demoted slave pt 1 mistress julia tragedy mistress julia macho 1

julia dungeon slave 131

Dungeon Slave

Containing both movies of the dungeon slave series

Dungeon Slave - Part 1

Dungeon Slave - Part 2

In one, uninterrupted video with a total length of roughly 50 min. Instead of $ 16.90 only

$ 11.95

julia macho full movie 121

Macho’s Lesson

Containing both movies of the Macho series

Macho’s Lesson - Part 1

Macho’s Lesson - Part 2

In one, uninterrupted video with a total length of roughly 35 min. Instead of $ 13.90 only

$ 9.95

julia demoted slave full movie 132

Demoted Slave

Containing both movies of the dungeon slave series

Demoted Slave - Part 1

Demoted Slave - Part 2

In one, uninterrupted video with a total length of roughly 31 min. Instead of $ 13.90 only

$ 9.95

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$ 49.95

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