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Seite: mistress margi judicial index 40

GoDomina introducing

Madame Margi


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Madame Margi

margi wanking neighbour
margi fate of a hithiker
margi nurse severe's treatment sa
margi office slave
margi strict interrogation pt 1
margi office drill
margi office job
margi plumber
margi office frustration
Margi Transformation of Pupil Mike

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margi office basement cleaning


margi dr margi

Dr. Margi


Doctor Margi is both strict and sexy in her glasses, white coat, retro corset and ff nylons. With the assistance of blonde sexy Nurse Judi she cures a nervous patient of his inability to sustain an erection with the most unique inventive methods.


Length: 14:01                               Cost: $ 4.95


 092 mistress margi dr. margi
margi mr jones

Enslavement of Mr. Jones


Convicted of being a mean crook, Mr. Jones has to repay his debt to all womanhood. The court has sentenced him to service one of the finest woman around for a full year. Madame Margi takes care that he learns all one can think off.


Length: 25:09                               Cost: $ 7.95


margi jones 035


margi bank manageress

The Bank Manageress


Life can be difficult if you need a bank loan and don’t have any collatoral to secure the loan. Bank Manageress Margi may be able to help, but only if you fit in her personal scheme of handling it her way to make sure that no money will be wasted.


Length: 18:55                               Cost: $ 7.95


margi bank managerress 029

The Judicial


After being found guilty of masturbating in public, Madame Margi reads this slave his devastating sentence: 36 strokes by cane, no mercy, even if he faints. In such case Madame Margi will simply wait until he would recover and continue the ordeal.


Length: 7:47                                 Cost: $ 4.95


mistress margi judicial index 40

The Fate of a Hitchhiker


Allways looking for new slaves to play with, Madame Margi catches the opportunity to lure a hitchhiker into becoming her unwilling victim. Once under her power, slave Nigel has to endure cbt, waxing and many other unpleasenties to delight Madame Margi.


Length: 18:24                              Cost: $ 6.95


index 38 fate of a hithiker

Wanking Neighbor


Trevor has always had a crush on sexy Neighbor Margi. She catches him wanking and sniffing a pair of her worn panties: Trevor has to learn a lesson the hard way with the help of a carpet beater, hairbrush and slippers in addition to suffering from CBT.


Length: 19:13                               Cost: $ 6.95


index 99 wanking neighbor

Office Slave


Slave jim helps Madame Margi when her car has a breakdown. But the help turns out differently than expected. Suddenly he finds himself to be the office slave that can try as hard as he wants: his lady boss is never satisfied. So jim has to learn it the hard way.


Length: 18:37                               Cost: $ 6.95


123 mistress margi office slave

Basement Cleaner


Jim’s ordeal continues. Since he does not perform to spec when working in the office, he has to face the consequences. Under the tough instructions of Officer Hell jim is locked away in the basement to clean up a total mess, with only an hour to go.


Length: 6:58                                 Cost: $ 4.95


124 mistress margi basement cleaning

Nurse Severe


Since nothing appears to be working with slave Jim, Office Hell brings him to Nurse Severe for hopefully corrective training. Nurse Severe sees the problems and engages in her unique to treat you and cure any illness you may have.


Length: 13:37                               Cost: $ 5.95


Office Job


Slave trevor loses his job due to being misbehaving to Madame Margi. But, she is generously enough to offer him a new job in her video production facility. The first thing trevor has to learn is how to please office manageress Drill. Not an easy task, one may add.


Length: 17:45                               Cost: $ 6.95


office job 127

Office Frustration


Telling to "Do this, do that" is one thing, executing these orders is a totally different matter and can easily finish in frustration and punishment, particular, when Mistress Sadie is overseeing the process and poor trevor is subjected to a chastity device.


Length: 14:41                              Cost: $ 5.95


office frustration 128

Office Drill


Still frustrated by carrying a chastity device that he wants to get off, trevor is desperately looking for a someone having a key to release him. But whether Officer Hell who is known for stringent drills is the right person remains to be seen.


Length: 17.53                               Cost: $ 6.95


office drill 129


Strict Interrogation - Part 1


Commander Madame Margi is ruthlessly powerful and sadistic chief interrogator of a pathetic prisoner. Caged by Officer Judi he is brought before the leather clad smoking Commander to be tortured and humiliated systematically to reveal an urgently needed password.


Length: 14:11                               Cost: $ 5.95


161 strict interrogaton pt 1

Strict Interrogation - Part 2


The prisoner, already been tortured by a bullwhip and severe whipping, slapping and cbt cruelties keeps his lips sealed and does not revea the password after all. But in such situations Commander Margi has always one trick left which will lead to success.


Length: 14:28                              Cost: $ 5.95


162 strict interrogation pt 2

The Plummer


An innocent Plumber calls at Margi’s home to repair a leaking tap. Strong sadistic Margi lures him into her chamber for bondage and torture, before she sees to his final degradation for her own pleasure and sardistic treatment in her torture chamber .


Length: 19:13                               Cost: $ 6.95


plumber 100

Transformation of Pupil Mike


Repeated peeping in the girl's toilette renders pupil Mike into deep trouble. Headmistress Margi has had it and penalizes him by transforming Mike into Marcia, a very painful process at the end of which Mike will find himself to be a girl.


Length: 20:18                               Cost: $ 7.95


031 Transformation Mike

Room Service


Travelling Madame Margi cannot do without service while travelling. So, the porter boy will need to extend his services, like serving as foot bench, performing boot and body service, and off course to give Madame the enjoy-ment of whipping him severely.


Length: 28:05                              Cost: $ 8.95


033 Margi Roomservice

Service of a Slave


Madame Margi needs the constant attention of slaves to service her every need of pleasurable feelings. This morning Madame is looking for human ashtrays, foot and boot service and an array of other commands in store to torment her slave.


Length: 24:52                              Cost: $ 7.95


030 Service of a slave
margi service of a slave
Margi Room Service
margi strict interrogation pt 2
125 nurse severe


149 Office 1

Office Series 1


Containing all three movies of the office series 1


Office Slave

Basement Cleaner

Nurse Severe


In one, uninterrupted video with additional footage not available in the single movies, total length roughly 40 min. Instead of $ 18.85 only


$ 12.95





150 Office Series 2

Office Series 2


Containing all three movies of the office series 2


Office Job

Office Frustration

Office Drill


In one, uninterrupted video with additional footage not available in the single movies, total length roughly 40 min. Instead of $ 18.85 only


$ 12.95





098 Strict Interrogation full

Strict Interrogation


Containing both movies of the interrogation series


Strict Interrogation 1

Strict Interrogation 2


In one, uninterrupted video total length roughly 30 min. Instead of $ 11.90 only


$ 7.95




Strict Interrogation - full movie
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