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Every Domme eventually develops her own set of rules for their subs - no two Domme's are the same just as no two subs are the same. Anyone thinking about serving a Domme should know their rules, likes and dislikes and a Domme and potential sub should honestly discuss their limits before their first session compatible Domme or submissive is one of the hardest tasks - especially for newcomers to the BDSM life. The articles I've published in About Femdom and other things on this site should give anyone a fairly good idea of Me, but this section will further define what I expect from a submissive.


The 10 Things a Mistress will demand from a Submissive:


1. Obedience - Disobedience is punished and excuses are not tolerated

2. Honesty - No lies, no pretences

3. Respect - Both ways...respect each others gifts and limits

4. Commitment - A Mistress does not believe in games so if a slave is not serious in his desire to be submissive and serve his Mistress, don't waste her time

5. Trust - You must trustYour Mistress to take care of her and not harm you

6. Loyalty - While you are hers, you do not play with others - unless you have her permission, of course

7. Discretion - Non-BDSM friends/workplace are respected

8. Health - No diseases (including drugs or alcohol) AIDS and VD test is required mostly today for those who will serve a Mistress in person

9. Willingness - To try things you haven't before and to learn how to properly serve your Mistress

10. Fun - For both of the two. This might not include sex - if you are just looking for sex, you are not really looking for a Domme.


This section will have additional information including questionnaires and other resources for any submissive who thinks they want to serve a true Mistress. More information coming soon.


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