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Mistress Alicia

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Mistress Alicia

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Caught in the Act


Slave alan believes to be alone with Mistress Alicia being far away, but she ain’t she catches her slaves going through her drawers. As punishment the slave is being dressed as a girl and has to learn how to behave as a girl, from applying make up to drinking coffee.


Length: 17:41                               Cost: $ 5.95


alicia caught in the act index 111

Waxed all Over


Mistress Alicia always wanted to be an artist and play with colors. So she uses a few pints of wax to convert a slave's body in a colorful piece of art, only to distroy the art again by using a knife to take of the wax piece by piece, but will it be short of cutting her slave?  


Length: 20:50                              Cost: $ 7.95


alicia waxed index 115

Missed Job


Mistress Alicia’s slave was supposed to enter an appointment into her calendar. But he forget and a s a result Mistress Alicia loses an account due to her slave not having performed as told. Obviously, Ms. Alicia is annoyed, a situation, that will result into punishment for the slave.


Length: 23:11                               Cost: $ 7.95


alicia skipping red light index 114

Wrong Coffee


Enough is enough. Mistress Alicia is anoyed about her slave after waking her with coffee containing the wrong number of spoons of sugar. Whipping and burning are two of the different kind of punishment being applied, and this while being tied to a stretchbed.


Length: 24:26                              Cost: $ 7.95


alicia wrong coffee  index 116

Nurse Alicia


Nurse Alicia is in charge of pre-examining new patients in St. Johns Infirmary. Her special interest are male cocks that she loves to examine. And she always finds a reason to apply needles into each cock she gets hold off. But needles are just the beginning ....


Length: 21:32                               Cost: $ 7.95


Nurse Alicia Index 113

Skipping the Red Light


Skipping a red light can be more expensive than thought. Officer Alicia however, offers a way out of your license being pulled. In return the culprit has to join a party that Alan and his girlfriend will remember for long, long time and most likely never ever forget.


Length: 28:52                              Cost: $ 8.95


alicia lost job index 112
alicia waxing 115
alicia wrong coffee 116


alicia superdeal  index 117
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alicia caught in the act
alicia lost job
alicia nurse alicia
alicia skipping the red light 114